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Joanne and Krishn Makwana are a husband and wife team, Nutritionists, culinary nutrition experts, Functional fitness enthusiasts.
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Nov 17, 2019

In episode #53, Joanne speaks with her friend, Krista Watson.

Krista has had an incredible health journey and shares:

  • Her lifelong battle with digestive issues, leading to a diagnosis of Crohn's & Colitis in 2012.
  • How despite heavy medication, her condition worsened and in 2013 she underwent surgery to remove over 3 ft of her bowel.
  • What she was feeling after the surgery failed within 3 months & her Crohn's flared (resulting in her being put on even heavier drugs with more intense side effects.)
  • As if extreme digestive issues weren't enough, Krista shares how her health began to further deteriorate as she simultaneously began to experience debilitating headaches, confusion & an inability to think + perform daily tasks.
  • The day in January, 2017 when she was formally diagnosed with a brain tumour.
  • What it's like to undergo brain surgery & how the diagnosis was the wake up call she needed in order to take responsibility + control of her health.
  • The many lifestyle & dietary changes Krista made along her road to recovery.
  • The importance of having a strong support system & how her husband, Darren + the backing of family/friends was instrumental in her healing journey.
  • The unexpected benefits of changing her lifestyle, including weight loss (which was never the initial goal.) Krista and her husband have now EACH lost over 120 lbs!

This is a super inspiring episode & you'll love hearing Krista's full story of healing & transformation!

To connect with Krista, you can reach out to her on Facebook or Instagram:




Aug 29, 2019

In episode #52, we're winding down summer talking about:

  • How phones and electronic devices are changing the human skeleton.
  • The physical affects of space travel and challenges astronauts face upon return to earth.
  • The impact of social media on youth.
  • Why ages doesn't have to equal poor/declining health.
  • The pharmaceutical ties to med schools and the potential role it played in the opiod epidemic.
  • The benefits of allowing your kids to be bored and entertain themselves.
  • + so much more!!


Jun 3, 2019

In this episode, Joanne and Krishn open up about the recent loss of their baby towards the end of the first trimester, touching on:

  • The many physical changes and emotional effects of experiencing a miscarriage.
  • Reasons many families grieve in silence.
  • The importance of couples coming together and openly communicating during difficult times.
  • Why its imperative to honour and acknowledge the pain that comes with a loss at any stage of pregnancy.
  • Telling our 4 year old about the loss.
  • Getting out of the comparison trap in order to heal your own heart.
  • Why distancing yourself from social media can be best fro your mental health in difficult times.
  • The role of struggle in growing as a person.
  • Finding healthy coping mechanisms to assist in healing.
Apr 23, 2019

In episode #50 of the Tipping Point Nutrition Podcast, Joanne and Krishn are discussing:

  • Mark Hyman's recent docu-series, Broken Brain 2
  • Genetically Engineered Salmon and Fish Fraud
  • The Healing Power of Tears + more!


The Healing Power of Tears

Fanshawe College Class Uncovers Fish Fraud After Testing

Minister Approves First Commercial GM Fish Factory

Broken Brain 2

Apr 1, 2019

In episode #49 Joanne & Krishn catch up on a variety of topics including:

- The importance of balance and proprioception (our sense of self-movement and body position.)

- The body and brain's need for movement and how crappy movement patterns affect quality of life.

- How Centurians  in 'Blue Zones' live differently than in the west.

+ More!

Mar 18, 2019

In episode #48 we're diving into:

Good news stories - the social media #trashtag challenge & the CEO of Qantas Airlines response to a 10 year old wanting advice for starting his own airline.

The documentary STINK! and the latest news regarding Johnson & Johnson + Claires products contaminated with asbestos.

The importance of being your own advocate & lab testing.

Overhaul of Ontario's math curiculum and the need to go 'back to the basics' in many aspects of education.

+ so much more!


Mar 4, 2019

In episode #47 we're talking:

  • Marie Kondo + how clutter affects productivity, stress levels and overall mindset.
  • The importance of kids being involved in household activities such as tidying up, prepping meals etc.
  • How our childhood influences/experiences affect our financial blueprints and beliefs around money (even if we don't think they have.)
  • Our need for social connection and why in a world where we're 'connected' more than ever before, we're the loneliest we've ever been.





Feb 19, 2019

In episode #46, Krishn & Joanne discuss a range of topics including:

  • The importance of phytonutrients & biodiversity in food.
  • Recent lawsuits involving unethical practices used by Perdue Pharma and Insys that helped to fuel North America's opioid crisis.



Feb 5, 2019

In episode #45 Krishn & Joanne discuss:

  • The documentary, 'Root Cause' + the connection between oral health & chronic disease.
  • Why quality supplements matter.
  • How canola oil is produced + why you need to avoid it.
  • Joanne's experience and overall thoughts on the celery juice trend.
  • The growing number of people demanding oversight and changes to the way medical devices/implants are tested, regulated and approved.







Jan 28, 2019

In episode #44, Joanne and Krishn are catching up on recent health news including:

  • Health Canada's decision to uphold approval of glyphosate (despite revelations of the Monsanto Papers.)
  • How Cleveland Hospitals found delaying baths for newborns significantly increases breast feeding rates.
  • The recent update to the Canada Food Guide.
  • Why some hospitals are revamping hospital food and medical schools are incorporating cooking lessons into the curriculum.
  • + More!

Resources mentioned throughout show:

Jan 7, 2019

In episode #43, Joanne speaks with friend and fellow nutritionist, Trish Allan from Healthy Vibrant Living Nutrition. Topics discussed include:

  • Making the leap from an established career to entrepreneurship - Trish's decision to leave a career in education after 20+ years to pursue Nutrition
  • Her and her husband (Dan)'s personal experience with overhauling their diet and lifestyle in their 40s and into their 50s.
  • How Dan played an integral role in her success and decision to leave an established career + the importance of communication.
  • The benefits of surrounding yourself with like-minded people & working with people of different ages, perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Why support is so critical when embarking on lifestyle changes and how it's often one of the biggest obstacles observed in clinical practice.
  • The most common nutrition and health-related challenges that people face today.
  • How her practice has evolved + overcoming fear in entrepreneurship.
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The growing problem of sugar addiction and the new, 4 week online program that Joanne and Trish are launching to help more people combat this issue.

    'Breakup with Sugar for Optimal Health' launches on January 22, 2019. Get all the program details + claim your spot by registering HERE.



Dec 3, 2018

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be described as the 'language of the brain.'

In episode #42 Joanne speaks with Brenda Johnston, an NLP Practitioner who helps high performers to reprogram their internal beliefs around money & success. 

NLP helps people to learn about the power of the subconscious, why they perceive things the way do and how these world perceptions influence their behaviour.

Brenda shares how simply being conscious of or re-framing negative repetitive thought patterns can help us to over-ride them or replace them with new and helpful thoughts. Some of the topics touched on in the episode include:

  • Where negative programming comes from and how it affects us later in life.
  • Why children are most susceptible to programming and how our early experiences shape us.
  • The importance of reinforcing positive behaviours/self talk with kids and leading by example (despite our own negative programming.)
  • Identifying the blocks and programming that hinders our success.
  • How having a scarcity mindset translates into all aspects of our lives.
  • Strategies for changing negative thought patterns.


Referenced on the show:

Connect with Brenda Johnston:



Oct 11, 2018

In episode #41 Joanne chats with Frederic Limon a YouTuber and Producer who ditched his smart phone in favour of a simple flip phone.

Frederic is speaking out as a 'Digital Wellness Advocate', encouraging dialogue around the smart phone addiction so rampant today.

Frederic shares:

  • What his smart phone habits looked like prior to going back to a flip phone.
  • The battle for our attention and the resources dedicated to keeping us chained to our devices.
  • The steps he took to limit his smart phone use and why he decided to ditch it entirely.
  • How he handles the 'fear of missing out' (FOMO) that accompanies not having a smart phone.
  • What he misses (and loves) most about not having a smart phone.
  • How online behaviours are changing both the human brain and our social norms.
  • His approach for teaching his daughter healthy digital habits.

    To learn more about Frederic, email or visit his YouTube channel, Soundtrack Reviews is a channel for non-musicians to understand why they love (or hate) the music from the movies and TV shows they watch, in an entertaining way!

You can also find Frederic's initial blog post 'Why I Switched to a Flip Phone in 2018 and Never Looked Back' here.

Sep 25, 2018

In episode #40 Krishn & Joanne launch into Fall with a conversation about:

  • Why joint mobility exercises are imperative for overall movement.
  • The importance of having a hobby.
  • The medical device industry + The Bleeding Edge documentary.
  • Modern challenges and the benefits of going back to a flip phone.
  • MS, the vascular connection and Joanne's new sleep 'experiment' (which Krishn is SO thrilled about.)
  • + more!

Resources mentioned throughout the show:




Aug 27, 2018

In episode #39, Joanne chats with Sara Fennell a retired IFBB Pro Figure Athlete and international fitness and cover/model. Sarah also happens to be among the top 100 internet retailers for her fitness programs

Sara has recently been speaking out about her personal experience with deteriorating health after breast implant surgery. Listen in as Sara shares:

  • How her journey into the fitness industry began.
  • What it was like beginning an online fitness business back when online businesses were largely unheard of.
  • What it was like competing in an extreme, aesthetic-based industry.
  • Deciding to get breast implants.
  • The decline in her health and gradual appearance of Fibromyalgia-like symptoms following her implant procedure.
  • Reaching the tipping point and undergoing explant surgery (the removal of breast implants) + the state of her health following the procedure.
  • Her transition from fitness coaching to marketing, online and digital coaching programs.
  • Her success with her podcast, The Fulfillment Project.





Aug 7, 2018

In episode #38, Krishn & Joanne discuss a wide variety of topics including:

  • The importance of bio-individuality and recognizing there isn't one diet that works for everyone.
  • Steven Gundry's Plant Paradox and why certain plant foods are problematic (especially for those with autoimmune disease.)
  • What is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and low FODMAP diets?
  • How fasting benefits the digestive system and promotes healing.
  • The purpose of movement and how to foster a movement-based culture (+ how technology is affecting activity levels amongst children.) 
  • + More!

Specific books and articles referenced:

Jul 23, 2018

In episode #37 we're chatting Epigentics, the study of how external factors affect gene expression. It's the instructions given to our DNA to tell it how to behave. We're learning more about this fascinating field of study every day and it's now apparent that we are not at the mercy of our genes (as once thought). We actually have the ability to change gene expression through our daily activities!

Tune in as we discuss the various environmental and lifestyle factors that have the ability to activate the same genes that affect cancer, the immune system, chronic disease and more. Plus, learn how to optimize your health and thrive despite your genetics!

Articles and other health news referenced throughout the show include:

Jun 18, 2018

In episode #36 Krishn speaks with Josh Gitalis, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of the Functional Nutrition Certification Program.

Josh is a wealth of knowledge and helps clients to reach their health and wellness goals through evidence-based, functional nutrition/functional medicine. After completing his nutrition training in Canada, he later went on to complete his Functional Nutrition Certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine based in Washington, DC.

His relentless quest for answers in relation to the origin of disease has been integral in the success he's achieved in not only developing healing protocols for clients, but in helping other practitioners to apply their training to real-world settings. He is a gifted teacher, always  searching for the latest health/ nutrition research and breaking down complex topics into something both clients and practitioners can not only understand, but leverage in real world settings.

Tune in to learn more about Josh's personal journey down the path of functional medicine, where he thinks the industry is headed and some of his top tips for achieving optimal health.


May 7, 2018

Krishn and Joanne speak with Float Tank Barrie owners Mitch and Charles about all things floating. Learn:

  • What floating is.
  • Our first floating experiences.
  • The physical and psychological benefits of floating.
  • The importance of getting quiet and being alone.
  • The effects of eliminating external stimuli.
  • Floating for recovery.
  • Techniques for optimizing floating.
  • And more!

Apr 10, 2018

In episode #33, Krishn and Joanne chat about the effects of coffee on the body, Daylight Savings Time, fish farm operations, pushing through the urge to quit a hobby + more!

Mar 15, 2018

In episode #32 Joanne chats with Benjamin Hardy a writer who focuses on self improvement, motivation and entrepreneurship. Ben is the #1 writer for and a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

In this interview, Ben discusses the premise of his new book, Willpower Doesn't Work touching on topics such as:

  • The importance of changing your environment.
  • Why success is dependent on our ability to adapt.
  • What it means to have a point of no return.
  • The difference between wannabe entrepreneurs and actual entrepreneurs.
  • How becoming a foster parent transformed him.
  • Western societies obsession with individualism.
  • Why it's crucial to have a high recovery environment.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or aspiring to make some needed changes in your life, tune in to listen to Ben's advice for crafting an environment conducive to success.

Feb 20, 2018

In episode #31, Krishn and Joanne discuss optimizing brain health through activation of the glymphactic system (a drainage system specific to the brain and newly discovered in 2012), intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. Resources referenced throughout the show include:


Feb 12, 2018

In the fall of 2011 Colleen Kelly Aleksander, a cyclist and lifelong athlete, was cycling home from work when she was run over by a multi-ton freight/transport truck. Flat lining twice, Colleen sustained horrifying injuries and suddenly found herself faced with the fight of her life.

The definition of determination and resilience; Colleen not only defied all odds by surviving, but has since gone on to complete over 50 races and 40 triathlons despite the trauma. In episode #30, Joanne chats with Colleen touching on:

  • What it's like to be in a medically induced coma for over 5 weeks.
  • How she pushed through the 30+ surgeries, medical procedures and many set backs that followed the trauma.
  • The importance of nutrition + how her physical condition and history as an athlete helped her body to heal.
  • What it means to be a 'product of heroes.'
  • Why she felt the need to organize a fundraiser from her hospital bed and how her drive to compete helped in her recovery.
  • The role her husband Sean played in not only supporting, but advocating for her.
  • The emotional toll (including anxiety, depression and PTSD), that follows a traumatic experience.
  • What life looks like nearly 7 years after the incident.
  • The resilience of the human spirit.

Learn more about Colleen:



Feb 6, 2018

In episode #29 Joanne speaks with Justin Ehrlich of . Based out of San Diego, California, Justin has long been drawn to the many modalities practiced by the Ancient Chinese and specializes in Integrative Chinese Medicine. Justin speaks to a wide variety of topics including:

  • Biohacking
  • Daoism
  • Benefits of Martial Arts
  • Fasting
  • Life coaching and finding purpose
  • The importance of getting quiet, mindfulness, breathing and meditation
  • Plus more!
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